Enclosure Design and Production

  • Solidworks Modeling - include PCB Alignment
  • Machine Fabrication from Solidworks Design
  • Cable design and Manufacturing
  • Paint and Label development

Complete RF Communications System Design

  • RF Propagation Modeling
  • Antenna Selection
  • Sensor to Radio to Radio Network to Computer Interface
  • Computer to DataBase  (MS-SQL) Applications (C#)
  • Computer to Human Machine Interface (HMI) design ( C#)
  • End to End System Integration Testing
  • FCC License Support

Applications Development

  • C#
  • LabView
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Google Earth

PCB Design and Production

  • Circuit Design
  • Printed Circuit Board Layout (Express PCB or PADs)
  • ​Bill of Material (BOM) creation and parts acquistion
  • PCB Assembly and Test